Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Accomplishment Report

Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O)
S.Y. 2012- 2013

I. Impact of the Projects

            The projects and activities conducted by the YES-O all have the advocacy of preserving the environment and making the world a better place to live in. These projects increased the awareness of the students who participated regarding the ways in which they can help to promote the club’s advocacy. Students improved their learning in the way that they are more able to segregate non-biodegradable wastes from the biodegradable ones.

            Added to this, the projects of the said club promoted the initiative of the students in even simple ways like picking up trashes even if not their own. The students also improved their leadership skills because of the committees they are supposed to be members of.

            In the Project GLOBE, there are some Fourth Year student researchers who conducted researches about soil and water analysis. Some of these students even competed in the 2011 Division Science Fair held at Tagaytay City.

1.   Water Quality of Cavite National Science High School S. Y. 2011-2012- Veronica V. Raquepo
2.   Phytoremediation Potentials of PoaPratensis l. (Kentucky Bluegrass) on Lead Contaminated Soil- Riguel F. Fojas
3.   Biosorption Of Lead (II) Ions In Pb(NO3)2 Solution Using Theobroma cacao (Cacao) Husk- Ma. Mikaela T. de Boda
4.   Physical/Chemical and Microbiological Qualities of NAWASA Water from Barangay Concessionaires in Ternate, Cavite- Iris Vrean G. Sisracon

These projects and activities were conducted in accordance with the club’s objectives. The club was successful in following its objectives like being aware and creating awareness in others of the state of the Philippine environment and ecology, and establishing specific and doable programs, projects and activities to address issues and concerns on the environment and ecology.

It also succeeded in encouraging community participation and initiative in environmental and ecological movements and actions and developing among members and the community proper environmental values, skills and attitudes.

II. Plan of Action

            In order to effectively perform the activities done this year one the next school year, there should always be recommendations and evaluations. First, there should be continuous set of meetings per project because the club found it difficult at times to disseminate information regarding the project to be done. Also, there should also be proper communication between each member for a better execution of activities.

            Different sources of funds are also needed. The main problem of the club in executing its projects is the lack of resources, whether money or even the tree seedlings. And so, soliciting is a must. There should also be coordination between the YES-O and different Local Government Units which are in charge of distributing tree seedlings to different schools. Asking for donations from different people is also suggested to provide more funds for more projects to be accomplished. Also, make sure that the committees per activity would fulfill their tasks towards the activity’s betterment.

            All members should also be more encouraged to participate in the club activities. For the projects to be conducted more properly, the preparations should be done not a week before the event but one or two months before the day of the project. All officers should also be familiar with their responsibilities and tasks to provide the students good leadership. Lastly, provide more opportunities for the students to increase their awareness regarding environmental protection and preservation like making more eco-containers and conducting of symposiums.


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